TK Mary Jane Shoe Outfit Ideas to Copy Year-Round

Do you ever look at your closet and say, “I have no practical shoes to wear?” Because let me tell you, I sure have. When it comes to curating a collection of fashionable and functional footwear, it can sometimes be challenging, even for an editor. I’m often swayed to test-drive another shoe trend easily or even buy another pair of heels (despite already owning too many that are far too uncomfortable). You can understand then why the need to invest in timeless and comfortable shoes is of the utmost importance, and luckily for me, one shoe style has made a subtle comeback: mary jane shoes.

It’s not that this classic style ever really went out of style, but with the focus on trendier styles (ahem, platform sandals, glass heels, and ballet flats), the mary jane shoe wasn’t entirely a part of the conversation. But, considering that this shoe has been spotted in recent runway collections, and the fashion set has fastidiously taken up re-wearing the style, it’s safe to say that this shoe is starting to get the recognition it deserves again. After all, this shoe is arguably one of the best purchases you can make as it’s not only versatile in style (you can find it in everything from platforms to mules to flats), but it has infinite styling possibilities. And to prove that point, I’ve rounded up 15 mary jane shoe outfits that can be worn year-round and shopped out the key pieces needed to recreate the looks for yourself. Buckle up because after you read this, you’ll no longer claim to have any good shoes.

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