32 Block Heel Sandals That Are So Comfortable

If you’re new to reading my stories, allow me to introduce myself. Althought I’m on the taller side at 5’7″ I never made it to my childhood dream of reaching the supermodel height of 5’10.” This flaw in my plan ended up being a blessing in disguise because now I live out my fantasy of being my dream height by wearing high heels almost everywhere that I go. Unless your run across me at the gym, it’s rare to see me without that added height.

I live in New York City and insist on walking everywhere so I started writing a monthly column on high heels so that I can actually take my daily walk from West Village to SoHo without feeling like I’m going to hail a cab at any second. Before you check out the previous installments, please allow me to inform you of the shoe trend that has made it so much easier to survive New York City streets and blisters. That would have to be the block heel. Its sturdiness and support level make walking in heels a breeze so I dedicate the below tale to the block heel shoes that are currently sitting in my shopping cart. If you love a comfortable heel as much as I do, check out the 32 picks below that are next on my list.

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