40 Expensive-Looking Items From the Brands French Girls Love

French-girl style” is such a common style type that people refer to, but I think we can all agree at this point that not all French women wear the same things. That said, just as with any part of the world, there are similarities to how those citizens dress, and they certainly don’t go unnoticed when it comes to the French. Many want to replicate that effortlessly cool way in which they dress, and one way to do so is by identifying the popular brands among them.

If you follow many stylish French girls on Instagram, you’ve probably seen some similar brand tags by now, as I have. I compiled the most affordable ones for you all in one place, and chose some of the most expensive-looking pieces to shop (because why not?). Scroll on to familiarize yourself with the brands and shop chic pieces to wear this summer and beyond for the easy Parisian look.

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