The 14 Best Detangling Brushes and Combs, Hands-Down

Having a good detangling brush or comb in your routine can work wonders for your hair. Detangling brushes are slightly different than traditional brushes because the bristles are designed specifically to glide through tangled strands and separate them without causing stress on your scalp or breakage. This makes it especially great to have handy if you have extremely thick hair that knots up easily. 

If that’s not enough to convince you that you need one, it can also cut brushing time in half due to the efficiency and design. As a bonus, they’re not difficult to use, either. You can select an option that works on both wet and dry hair, keeping in mind that wet hair can be a little more fragile. If you do opt for one you can use in the shower (or on wet hair), make sure you’re careful and do your hair in sections. To get a complete list of the best detangling brushes and combs, I enlisted the help of master hairstylist Samantha Harman. Read on below for Harman’s favorite detanglers plus a few we recommend for every hair type.

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