Why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge always fly with BA

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  • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are of course seasoned travellers, having travelled the world for their official duties. So much so, that they’ve become quite the experts.

    Kate Middleton colour codes her luggage, has a packing hack we should all copy, and uses this trick so her coats don’t crease. The couple really have this travelling business down to a T, sticking to their tried and trusted habits.

    One of these is apparently flying with British Airways, when they’re not using their royal private jet of course.

    The royal family has been known to fly commercial on occasion, as well as chartering entire BA flights for themselves, as the company is their preferred travelling partner.

    That’s not all though, the Duchess has a special connection with the company, and flew with them regularly long before she met Prince William.

    Why? Because her parents Carole and Michael Middleton used to work for BA, and that’s how they met, according to the Daily Express. She was working as a flight attendant, while he was a flight dispatcher.

    They of course later went on to quit their jobs and create their company, Party Pieces, which remains successful to this day.

    So you might one day spot them on your flight, you never know. Prince Harry himself flew commercial on one of his latest visits to the UK.

    That said, you definitely won’t see them milling around your local airport anytime soon, since they apparently have access to their very own royal lounge. Talk about VVIP.

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