Davina McCall will fight for “as long as it takes” to solve the HRT crisis

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  • “I think it’s the most important thing I’ll ever do.”

    It’s no news that HRT shortages are rocking the UK, and in news today, Davina McCall has vowed to “fight as long as she can” for women to get the correct care during the crisis.

    The presenter has long spoken candidly about her own hormone replacement therapy and treatment, airing Sex, Myths and the Menopause last year which detailed her own menopause journey.

    So now, as women across the country struggle to get their normal HRT prescriptions due to shortages, she’s taking a stand and advocating for the millions of women affected to get the correct care. (Read what happens if you suddenly stop taking HRT, here).

    Sharing that using her platform to promote change “is the most important thing [she’ll] ever do,” she said: “I think this is going to be my life’s work now. It’s frustrating, but it feels like we’ve gone a long way in the last year in terms of public knowledge and willingness to do something about it.”

    “I’ll be doing this as long as it takes: I feel like it’s really important.” 

    It’s been reported that some women are turning to desperate measures to ensure they get their medication, such as buying on the black market.

    In a nutshell, HRT works by replacing the hormones that are at a lower level during perimenopause, according to the NHS website. There is a taboo surrounding the treatment after one misinterpreted 2002 study found that it could potentially increase your risk of breast cancer – despite this since being debunked.

    GP’s also may be asked to limit prescription cycles by the Department of Health, with the aim of easing the current supply issues as much as possible.

    Davina isn’t the only celebrity to speak about her menopause journey – Penny Lancaster has, too, and both took part in the Menopause Revolution protests outside Downing Street last October.

    A follow-up documentary to Sex, Myths and the Menopause – aptly called Sex, Mind and the Menopause – is due to be released later this year.

    The documentary will discuss the HRT taboo, common menopause myths, and how showing menopause symptoms at work is often leading to women being sacked or unfairly dismissed.

    Davina has previously said that menopause made her feel “invisible” and “frightened” prior to taking HRT medication.

    For her, taking the hormones was like “being reborn”, and she is passionate to break the taboo surrounding it.

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