What to Wear in Berlin: 5 Outfit Ideas Fashion Editors Love

Roughly three years after my last trip abroad, I finally stepped foot on foreign soil again, this time for a weeklong trip to Berlin and Zurich. The trip itself was perfect (if you don’t count having to deal with connections in the middle of a full-blown air-travel crisis), from the candlelit French dinner I enjoyed right off of Berlin’s Spree to my day trip to Dielsdorf, Switzerland, a picture-book town 20 minutes outside of Zurich. My packing job? Let’s just say it had its low points.

After so much time away from traveling, especially internationally, and with only a carry-on suitcase to work with, my packing skills were a little rusty. But now that it’s been a week or so since I got back, I’ve had time to ponder those items that I probably didn’t need, as well as the ones I couldn’t have survived my seven-day jaunt around Europe without. Scroll on to see every outfit I loved from my trip and simultaneously learn all about the items I could’ve very well left at home. 

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