Makeup Artists Share the 10 Best Eye Shadows for Blue Eyes

“Any complementary color on the color wheel is going to make your eye color pop,” explains Greenberg. Blue’s complementary color is orange, so she and Dempsey both recommend prioritizing eye shadows with warm or blue-based tones: ruby-rose, peach, apricot, coral, copper, bronze, and even something like a beige-pink shimmer.

If warm eye shadows aren’t your vibe, Greenberg says the next best shades will be something similar to your actual eye color, like blues or a light purple. Her fave tip? Do a little bit of both! “I love to use a complementary color like coral on the lids and then line the eye with a blue eyeliner. It’s like a double trick to make the eyes pop. Or you can use blue mascara instead of blue eyeliner.” 

Dempsey is also a fan of enhancing blue eyes with a dose of eyeliner and is a big fan of rich brown: “I love to use my Rich Brown Khôl Eyeliner. It has the perfect amount of warmth in it to really flatter blue eyes. I have blue eyes, and it’s my number one makeup staple and smudges nicely for extra definition.”

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