The Only 2000s Trend Worth Trying (In My Mind)

Fashion historians can tell you that every decade has a defining trend. The ’70s had platforms, the ’80s had shoulder pads, and the ’90s had chainmail dresses. And then, there are the aughts which, arguably, have managed to be seared into our collective memories in a way that no former decade did before. That was partly due to the rise of divisive trends like low-rise hemlines, trucker hats, and everything covered in excessive amounts of rhinestones (you can’t honestly forget them even if you tried). So you can understand our collective surprise when this decade managed to find a way to dominate the runways again. 

It’s worth noting that all trends eventually come back in style (even if we retire them for a bit), but it doesn’t mean each one is worth wearing again. When it comes to this era, it can be tricky to find pieces that manage to look good in the long run, much less match a more minimalist aesthetic. And while I adore seeing the fashion set wearing ’00s-inspired outfits, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’ve found it hard to want to wear anything from this era. That is until I saw the return of one specific trend: ruffled clothing.

I’m willing to say that ruffled clothing is the best trend from this period. And to prove my theory, I’ve researched how ruffled pieces have resurfaced in recent collections and shopped out the best clothing with ruffles at every price point. If you’re as anti-aughts as I was, I’m betting these ruffle pieces will convert you to the cause like they did for me. 

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