9 Things I Learned From a Kardashian Makeup Artist

Makeup is my weakness. I’ve become an expert in skincare and perfumes. My nails and hair are always on point, but when it comes to makeup, I’m still learning the right products and techniques. I’m so madly in love with the clean-girl look, so I always keep my product use minimal and let my inner beauty shine through. Since I normally save most of my makeup for a night out, I haven’t really taken the time to perfect my everyday look. With no idea where to start, I thought the best person to ask would be one of the professionals.

I’ve been admiring the Kardashians’ makeup looks for years both on- and off-screen, as they always seem to find a way to express their love for glam. Wendi Miyake is a regular in the Kardashian household, most often glitzing up Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney Kardashian along with Kris Jenner, Madonna, and many more stylish celebrities. If they trust her with their faces and walk away looking that good, then I most certainly do too. I asked Miyake where to begin with my glowy summer makeup routine. She delivered an easy nine-step process I’ll be repeating day in and out this season and beyond.

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