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Whether you’re staycation-ing this year or jetting off abroad, now’s the time to start shopping for swimwear, and if you want to overhaul your holiday wardrobe in a positive way,  sustainable swimwear is where it’s at.

As we grow more aware of how, where and what our clothes are made, sustainability is becoming key when clothes shopping, and that includes the less obvious garments, such as bikinis and swimsuits.

To make our job easier, brands are introducing more conscious production methods and established companies are having to reconfigure their own production. These are all moves in the right direction and our buying power can help speed the process up.

What is sustainable swimwear?

As with most sustainable fashion brands, there are various ways in which swimwear labels can be more eco-conscious, starting with the fabric: what it’s made of, if it’s durable and if it’s easily recyclable.

Some recycle existing materials such as fishnets and plastic bottles to avoid waste and use up fewer resources, which goes a small way to fixing the amount of rubbish and pollution in our oceans. Others focus on organic and natural fabrics.

You also want to make sure the supply chain is as transparent as possible, and look at whether whether workers are paid fairly, how far the garment has had to travel from and how (for example by plane or by car), and whether the packaging it’s sent in is eco-friendly.

Where can I buy a sustainable bathing suit?

Luckily, whether it’s small independent brands or bigger high street and sportswear names, plenty of brands are investing in sustainable practices for their garments, including bikinis and swimsuits.

Shop my edit of the best sustainable swimwear brands below, and while I have you, do check out these fabulous sustainable lingerie brands while you’re at it.

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