Find a colour palette that reflects your passion with Dulux heritage

Introducing Dulux Heritage, an extraordinary range of paint designed to elevate your everyday life.

Let’s talk colour. As life returns to a more joyous rhythm, and hosting friends and family becomes less of a garden-only affair, it’s time to pick up the paintbrush and give our homes a well-deserved fresh start. First port of call? Dulux Heritage – a 112 colour strong range uniting undisputed classics with cool contemporary shades.

From Potters Pink to Wild Blackberry, the colours of the Dulux Heritage range lead with the senses.

Just ask restaurateur and tastemaker Ravinder Bhogal, who has created a bespoke colour palette from the Dulux Heritage range as part of our Evoke Your Senses series. Yes, in celebration of this extraordinary paint range, we asked three experts with extraordinary taste to share how they created unique palettes that reflect their passions and evoke a sense of sight, sound and taste.

Here’s how Ravinder encapsulated her colour-drenched childhood in Kenya through the rich shades of Dulux Heritage.

“These are colours that take me to the safe space of my childhood”

Restaurateur and tastemaker Ravinder Bhogal created a bespoke colour palette from the Dulux Heritage range

“My palette was influenced by my childhood memories growing up in Kenya – rich volcanic red soil, a pistachio terrazzo floor, the guava tree that bore fruit with custardy pink interiors,” says Jikoni owner Ravinder Bhogal, who has curated a palette of warm, enlivening shades.

“When I walk into this room, and I see the Coral Pink wall, I immediately feel uplifted. I could have had the most challenging day, but there’s something about this colour that’s so nurturing and nourishing that just makes me feel very happy.”

Harmonising her coral with Potters Pink, a more pared-back feminine hue, Ravinder pays homage to the white washed houses of her childhood, which took on a subtle sun blush as they aged.

The restaurateur’s love of food is inseparable from her love of colour – both experiences have the power “to transport you to certain times in your life”.

She explains: “For me, the kitchen was always the most colourful place in the house.”

Design match made in heaven? We certainly think so.

Don’t go thinking that the Dulux Heritage range is all just good looks, though.

Dulux Heritage

Expertly formulated with the finest ingredients to give you a perfect finish every time, the Dulux Heritage range comprises three need-to-know premium products: Velvet Matt, a range for walls and ceilings that’s velvet-smooth to the touch; Eggshell, a mid sheen product for woodwork that’ll ensure your doors and skirtings look just as stylish; and Undercoat, the flawless base of dreams.

Ready to let your senses guide you? Visit the Dulux Heritage website and order your free colour card now. With the help of Dulux Heritage experts, you can transform your home into a space that feels as luxurious as it looks.

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