The 12 Best Body Lotions With SPF to Protect Your Skin

Once the weather starts getting warmer and we start wearing less clothing, we should all be slathering any exposed skin with sunscreen before leaving the house—full stop. Not only am I very fair and very prone to sunburns, but I also have extremely dry skin. If I don’t moisturize my body religiously, my skin feels tight and starts to flake, even in warm months.

This presents a challenge for me when it comes to my body-lotion-and-sunscreen situation. I’m happy to put on both body lotion and sunscreen, but it’s also kind of annoying, especially if I’m in a hurry. This is where body lotions with SPF come into play. “Using a body lotion with SPF is beneficial because you can hydrate and protect your skin all in one step, which can be helpful, especially for those who either want to simplify their regimen or save time,” says Janiene Luke, MD, a dermatologist at Loma Linda University Medical Center.

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