10 Stylish Dickies Outfits Fashion Girls Swear By

Thanks to TikTok, the nostalgic ’90s brand Dickies has gotten a second lease to the fashion scene. In the past, the brand was sported by celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, but when users on TikTok started wearing workwear pants with the waistband folded over, a viral moment was born. Now, we’ve spotted the pants on multiple influencers and fashion insiders—proving they’re here to stay. Cargo pants have also made a massive comeback this year, so we’re not surprised that Dickies are following suit.

The 874 pants have been the brand’s most ubiquitous style, so much so that it has expanded the line with different fits and on-trend prints. Best of all, the brand is accessible to many, as it’s sold on Amazon and ranges from $30 to $70. If you’re looking to get on board with the comfy trend, keep scrolling for some outfit (and shopping) inspiration.

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