I Loathe Basic Clothing—Here’s 32 Unique Pieces in My Cart

There comes the point in everyone’s life where they reevaluate their relationship with clothing—they begin to think about how their clothing impacts the environment, how they shop, and what matters to them. Some people become devout minimalists and swear by a capsule wardrobe, others choose to support brands that are founded by marginalized communities, and some choose only to shop secondhand.

When it comes to my own relationship with clothing, I’m not only constantly weighing all the above issues, but I’m also thinking about buying truly unique pieces. I’ve realized that rather than opting in on every trend of the moment, it’s far better to invest in a few conversational pieces that lend themselves to becoming a part of your forever wardrobe

So with that in mind, I’ve scoured multiple retailers to find 32 unique fashion finds, all under $350. From clothing to shoes to handbags, these pieces toe the line ideally between timeless and distinct but aren’t too out there, so they’ll be easy to incorporate into any wardrobe.

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