Why Johnny Depp won’t look at Amber Heard during the trial

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  • Whether they’re team Johnny or team Amber, people are obsessed with every aspect of the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial, whether that’s who Ellen Barkin is, what lip readers thought of his lawyer’s comments or what her spokesperson has to say about him.

    Now the latest aspect of the trial to be picked apart is why Johnny Depp won’t make eye contact with his ex-wife. You might not have noticed it, but he hasn’t looked at her once, a fact which was pointed out by Depp’s attorney when she cross-examined Heard.

    Camille Vasquez asked the Aquaman actor, ‘Mr. Depp hasn’t looked at you once this entire trial, has he?, to which she replied: ‘Not that I’ve noticed, no.’

    She added, ‘You’ve looked at him many times, haven’t you?’, with Heard replying, ‘Yes, I have.’ The attorney asked her if she knew why, to which she replied she did.

    Vasquez clarified, ‘He promised you you would never see his eyes again, is that true?’ before playing an audio recording of one of the last times the couple met, at a hotel in San Francisco in 2016, during with Amber begged him to say goodbye properly, which he refused to do.

    ‘He’s kept that promise, hasn’t he?’ she asked, to which Amber replied, ‘As far as I know, he cannot look at me.’

    Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Heard said that Depp’s team, ‘is so panicked they are fighting tooth and nail to prevent compelling evidence and photos from being introduced. Small wonder Mr. Depp does not have the fortitude or courage to even look at Ms. Heard at all throughout the proceedings — as he could not in the U.K. trial — and, instead he doodles and snickers.’

    The trial continues.

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