What to Wear to a Wedding Reception

To some of you, my big piece of advice might seem obvious, and to others, it may be groundbreaking. From my point of view, I am just speaking the wise words that are hidden in plain sight. Too many times at formal events, people are taken a little bit too far out of their comfort zone, whether it’s because of a skirt hem that’s so heavily beaded it’s difficult to walk in or a bust that is squeezing them in too tightly. There’s a time and a place to make a true fashion statement, but a wedding just isn’t it. In most cases, you will be wearing your dress all day and night, transitioning from the ceremony venue to the reception. For this reason, I tell all of my friends to prioritize wearing something that makes them feel comfortable and confident. After all, the spotlight should really be on the couple.

If you have a lot of weddings on your calendar in the upcoming years, don’t be afraid of the toxic term “outfit repeater.” When you find something that really suits you, it deserves to make several appearances. Shopping for dresses you can wear again with different accessories will truly guarantee you’ll find comfort in whatever you choose to wear for the special day. Below, I am sharing a few different ways to style your favorite wedding guest dress so you can wear it again and again.

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