This is not a drill, you can get an LED face mask for just £80

Elevate your skincare routine with an LED mask…

In partnership with SwearBy Skin

When it comes to elevating your skincare routine the tool recommended most by editors and facialists alike is an LED mask. The innovative devices promise salon-worthy facials from the comfort of your home but, up to now, the devices have all typically cost hundreds of pounds. So we’re thrilled to introduce SwearBy Skin whose affordable LED masks are just £80.

Over the past two years and the various lockdowns, the popularity of at-home LED masks grew and grew with everyone from Victoria Beckham to Chrissy Teigan sharing their go-to masks across social media. Known to have a multitude of skincare benefits, the high-tech device can treat acne, help fade hyperpigmentation, stimulate collagen and reduce redness without any downtime. The only downside? The price tag.

With the usual devices retailing at more than £300, SwearBy Skin founder Shenae Rae was determined to create a treatment that was accessible to all, sharing that she “wanted to create something that wasn’t going to cost a fortune that would also help people feel more confident within their own skin.”

Enter, their LookKit LED mask. With three LED light therapies red (stimulates collagen, plumps skin and boosts luminosity), yellow (reduces pigmentation and redness) and blue (an anti-acne setting which helps to kills bacteria). You can simply lift, calm and smooth skin all from one handy all-in-one device.

Customers have been sharing rave reviews from wearing their 3-in-1 LED mask for just ten minutes, three to four times a week to treat some of the most common skincare woes. Think, redness, breakouts and ageing.

Whilst its more expensive counterparts are worn by using staps and bands which secure around the back of your head, SwearBy Skin‘s device is worn like a pair of sunglasses. It’s lightweight and translucent making it ideal for those who find the others a little claustrophobic.

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