These are the most popular music-inspired baby names of the decade so far

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  • When it comes to picking the perfect baby name for your little bundle of joy, you have probably spent a lot of time trawling through lists online – do you want a lesser used name from the list of baby names going extinct? Perhaps you feel inspired by these food and drink themed names. Or maybe you want your child to have a moniker that (supposedly) increases the likelihood of fame and success.

    But if you fancy yourself as something of a music buff, you could turn to your favourite songs for a little help.

    A new study by analysed data from the Office of National Statistics to find out which musicians were most influential when it came to new parents picking the perfect moniker for their little ones – and some of the most popular names might surprise you!

    For girls, the likes of Willow Smith, Florence Welch and Ariana Grande have become favourites for new parents and those with little boys have chosen names inspired by Zayn Malik of One Direction fame, John Lennon and Jimi Hendricks.

    Take a look at the full lists below…

    Most popular music inspired baby names

    Top baby girl names inspired by music

    Credit: Emma McIntyre / Getty

    1. Willow

    Inspired by Willow Smith – 2165 babies in 2020

    2. Florence 

    Inspired by Florence + the Machine – 2026 babies in 2020

    3. Ariana

    Inspired by Ariana Grande – 395 babies in 2020

    4. Billie

    Inspired by Billie Eilish – 261 babies in 2020

    5. Lana

    Inspired by Lana Del Rey – 235 babies in 2020

    6. Dua

    Inspired by Dua Lipa – 213 babies in 2020

    7. Etta

    Inspired by Etta James – 205 babies in 2020

    8. Miley

    Inspired by Miley Cyrus – 157 babies in 2020

    9. Demi

    Inspired by Demi Lovato – 136 babies in 2020

    Top baby boy names inspired by music

    most popular music inspired baby names 103863455

    Credit: Michael Putland / Getty

    1. Zayn

    Inspired by Zayn Malik of One Direction – 315 babies in 2020

    2. Lennon

    Inspired by John Lennon – 197 babies in 2020

    3. Hendrix

    Inspired by Jimi Hendrix – 154 babies in 2020

    4. Niall

    Inspired by Niall Horan of One Direction – 141 babies in 2020

    5. Travis

    Inspired by Travis Scott – 112 babies in 2020

    6. Bruno

    Inspired by Bruno Mars – 106 babies in 2020

    7. Jonas

    Inspired by Jonas Brothers – 82 babies in 2020

    8. Prince

    Inspired by Prince – 77 babies in 2020

    9. Bowie

    Inspired by David Bowie – 58 babies in 2020

    10. Elvis

    Inspired by Elvis Presely – 34 babies in 2020

    Would you choose one of these adorable names for your little one?

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