These are the key ways to go from passion to profit, straight from an expert

Because passion can only take you so far…

If we’ve learned anything over the course of our Passion Pioneers partnership with GoDaddy, it’s that it takes a hell a lot of love and dedication to pivot from passion to profit. But what does that mean, exactly? Sure, there’s the usual advice about working hard and taking risks, but straight-shooting, no-nonsense advice on making sure your small business thrives financially can be hard to come by.

Which is why we asked someone who’s been there, done that just how they did it.

GoDaddy customer Lucy Stone founded Meditation Rocks during the 2022 lockdown. Sensing an opportunity to put her passion for meditation to good use at a time when the nation needed it most, Meditation Rocks began as an eight-minute Facebook live stream every morning during lockdown to an audience that quickly grew to thousands of people.

It is now a subscription service that offers five live meditation sessions a week via Zoom. Channelling her meditation message to thousands of customers by way of her GoDaddy website, for Lucy, who works on the go, it’s not about where she does business, but how business gets done. (And believe us when we say, she does it very well.)

Here, she gives us the lowdown on turning your passion – be that meditation or martinis – into a thriving business.

Choose your website builder wisely

“Very quickly we realised that we needed to build a professional website, and do it ourselves,” says Lucy, who, as a working mother, does much of her work on the go.

“GoDaddy completely fit the bill.”

“We were looking for somewhere that we could integrate our shop and our social media channels and our database, and have everything in one place.”

“The GoDaddy templates are so modern and fresh and contemporary – they look like they have been built by a professional agency,” she adds.

Ask the experts

“One of the most amazing things about the GoDaddy service is that we have expert knowledge at hand via WhatsApp – so day and night you can send a tech guru a question, and you get a thorough response back very quickly.”

See? Who says you need a whole IT department to deal with the everyday technical glitches that inevitably arise with an online business? It’s as easy as sending a text.

Know your industry

Sure, opening a bookshop or a florist sounds nice in theory, but unless you’re an expert in the field, chances are, you’re pretty naive to the challenges that can arise when running such a business.

That’s what makes Meditation Rocks stand out. “Meditation has helped me personally over the past 20 years,” says Lucy, “and I’m so passionate about sharing the skill with other people.”

In fact, she’s taught meditation to over 15,000 children, worked as a consultant to BBC Studios advising on yoga and meditation for TV shows and co-owns an additional yoga business in Bath. So safe to say, she was pretty well versed in her subject area before taking the leap of faith and turning her business from passion to profit.

Fancy some more tips on ensuring your startup stands out? Visit the GoDaddy website for everything you need to get your business idea off the ground.

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