These are the 5 most compatible star sign matches, according to experts

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  • Lucky for Leos and Scorpios…

    Modern dating is an absolute minefield, with a terrifying new phenomenon around every corner.

    Are you being ghosted? Could you be a victim of kittenfishing? Or is the object of your affection actually just zombieing you? The list goes on, and combined with the endless string of dating sites to navigate, it’s enough to put anyone off the dating game.

    In these times of dating chaos, many of us have turned to astrology for guidance – particularly millennials, who have prompted a spike in star sign compatibility inquiries.

    According to new data, a whopping 60% of British daters ask about star signs when chatting to someone online. And 30% even look up their star sign compatibility ahead of a first date

    Yes, more than ever, people want to know if their signs are compatible from the get-go. Better to know now than to find out the hard way that you’re never going to gel with a Scorpio.

    Luckily for everyone, upscale dating website Seeking has created a definitive list of the most compatible star signs, based on match data.

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    5 most compatible star sign matches:

    1. Leo x Gemini
    2. Capricorn x Cancer
    3. Scorpio x Scorpio
    4. Aquarius x Leo
    5. Libra x Aries

    Seeking’s survey went on to reveal other handy astrological love data, listing the signs that are luckiest in love, as well as the signs that have the most interest in star sign compatibility.

    According to the data, Leos and Capricorns are the most lucky at finding love – with these star signs receiving the most amount of matches (Leos 18%, Capricorns 19%). And in terms of interest, Geminis and Virgos are reportedly the most active when looking into their astrological compatibility.

    Well, that’s that.

    If you’ll excuse us, we’re off to meet some Leos ASAP.

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