The Wolf Cut Is Trending—5 Styling Tips to Do It Right

It’s no secret that historically, beauty’s most influential trends—no matter how polarizing—have a knack for pulling a well-timed reappearing act. Crimped waves, ’90s supermodel eye makeup, Y2K anything and everything, even—hold your gasp—thin eyebrows. However, more than any other category, *hair* seems to be the most cyclical. Case in point: mullets, shags, and the very on-trend product of both, the wolf cut. Essentially, if the two former had a love child, it would be the latter, and you’ve likely seen it all around the celeb set via Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus, Barbie Ferreira, Keke Palmer, and the list goes on. 

While the bold, part-mullet-part-shag cut is not for the faint of heart (let’s be honest, it does take some balls to pull off!), the wolf cut has still managed to become more and more popular—beginning to tread water back in 2021 and by now, transforming into a full on American crawl. We always need to know anything and everything there is to know about a dominating beauty trend, so I reached out to two of best experts I could possibly find on the topic; celebrity hairstylist Cervando Maldonado (the mastermind behind Miley Cyrus’s rock ‘n’ roll take on the cut) and founder of Benjamin Salon, Benjamin Mohapi, who’s responsible for Billie Eilish’s now-famous wolf haircut.

Keep scrolling! Everything you need to know about the wolf cut plus all of Maldonado and Mohapi’s best styling tips are just ahead. 

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