The very best sleep masks for a perfect night’s kip

Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly is a style icon for many reasons – the chic updo, the chunky pearls, the sleeveless LBD. But one of the most searched for items of the fictional character’s wardrobe is, in fact, her sleep mask.

Yep. People all over the world are searching for the best sleep masks to ensure that when they rest their heads they are free from any disturbance.

According to YouGov’s official research which took place in February 2022, one in eight Britons (12%) say that every night they have problems falling asleep.

Here at Marie Claire, we are all about getting our full eight hours a night, so we’ve rounded up the best sleep masks on the market right now, plus everything you need to know about the handy accessory. Did you know that some even come with extra features such as a soothing lavender scent or added weight to help you drift off?

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How do sleep masks work?

A sleep mask is designed to block out light. We all know that too much artificial light can lead to sleeping problems, so if find your phone going off throughout the night or live near a busy area with car lights and streetlights coming through the window, one of these handy masks will definitely help.

What sleep mask is best?

When choosing a sleep mask, there are a few things to consider. First, you want to make sure to get a mask that will fit your face, otherwise it won’t do a very good job of blocking out any light. You also don’t want anything too tight, as this could cause headaches throughout the night. The material is another thing to consider. You want something that will feel soft on the skin, such as cotton or cashmere. Silk is another great option as it reduces friction around the eye area. Lastly, it’s worth considering if you want a mask with additional features, depending on how difficult you find it to drift off.

The best sleep masks to buy now:

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