The Best Contour Makeup for Every Skin Tone

Another thing I found frustrating when I first started learning to contour was the lack of information out there about contouring for darker skin tones. I found that I couldn’t use the same contour makeup as those with lighter skin tones because it just didn’t show up very well for me or didn’t look right. Moore also has a few tips for this.

“Know the difference between bronzing and contouring,” he says. “These two work together but are different. Use a slightly warmer and deeper shade to warm up the skin by bronzing. Your contour should come next and should be two to four shades deeper than your foundation shade (whatever you’re comfortable with) and go into the shadow areas of your face, then blend. It’s important to also know the lighting of the occasion you’ll be attending. If you’re going outside to the beach or to a festival, bronzing should be good enough, however, if you’re going to a gala or out for drinks and it’s nighttime lighting, you can bronze and contour.”

Of course, it’s everyone’s own choice what kind of contour makeup they prefer—whether that’s a cream, stick, powder, you name it. But Moore loves using one particular type for darker skin tones. “I love using creams—something lightweight that blends easily. You can do the same with liquid as well. I find that light creams give you more control and are easier to blend. I also recommend taking a powder the shade of the cream and lightly setting it.”

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