The 6 Boot Trends We’re Obsessing Over in 2022

Whatever opinion you may have on the colder weather, I love this time of the year simply because of how much wear I get out of my boots. Granted my collection has been expanded over the past year (I’m talking about chunky platform boots and cowboy boots), there are quite a few styles I think aren’t going anywhere for 2022.

While some may want to opt for a set of entirely new trends for the new year, I think that if it’s not broke, why fix it? I’ve rounded up six boot trends below that have been doing the fashion set good, so I vote for them to stay. (After chatting with some of our editors, they agreed.) January and February’s temperatures tend to drop lower than December’s, so if you don’t own a good pair of boots yet, it’s time to start looking. Luckily, along with trends, I’ve shopped out the best on the market for you to sift through and find your pick.

Keep scrolling to see the boots that we’ll gladly be taking from this year into the next, along with outfit and shopping inspiration. 

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