The 31 Chicest Items a Fashion Editor Has Seen This Month

Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one Who What Wear team member or friend of the brand will share the top finds on their current wish lists.

My desire to reside in an effortlessly minimalistic space is requiring a lot of discipline given the fact my fiancé and I have a one-bedroom apartment in Williamsburg and quite a lot of things. Our building used to be a bourbon distillery (I know, I know. Cue Williamsburg-cliché eye roll), which comes with industrial perks like high ceilings with exposed beams and enormous windows. The downsides: a rather humble closet, very little bathroom storage, and the kind of square footage that’s only acceptable in New York City.

My solution to the disharmony between our lack of storage and desired home aesthetic is not, as it turns out, the recently available storage closet in our building (that can be purchased for a truly appalling $80,000), but a far less fun shopping hiatus while I whittle down my possessions to only the things I truly love.

The trouble is, as I reluctantly choose between my many pairs of (admittedly quite similar) black sandals and finish all my half-empty sunscreens, this job of mine slaps me in the face with tempting new things on the daily. While I am not—I repeat, I am not—buying anything until further notice, these delightful fashion and beauty finds do objectively deserve a spot in my now ruthlessly curated wardrobe and medicine cabinet. May they tempt you as much as they’re tempting me.

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