The 30 Best Affordable Bras, All Under $50

Recently, I came across a meme that perfectly sums up what it’s like to own a good bra. It was a Reel (of course) featuring the line, “No one is more loyal than the same strapless bra you’ve been wearing since 2009.” Watching that instantly made me realize I too have a collection of bras that probably have lived better days. But when you have a good bra, you never want to let it go. If it’s sturdy, lifts, and conceals in all the right places, getting rid of it is like messing with perfection. Yet a bra over a decade old probably should be put on the back burner, so if you can relate, I’ve assembled some options for you.

Even though I think splurging on a quality bra is a worthwhile wardrobe investment, all of the bras I’m including today are affordable, hitting the $50-and-under mark. As a lingerie connoisseur, I can confirm that they pass the test in terms of comfort, lift, and quality. So here’s to 10 more years of great bras. Keep scrolling to shop them all. 

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