The 24 Best Leggings on Amazon, According to Reviews

Whether for actually working out or weekend errands, leggings have been considered a wardrobe essential for quite some time now. However, lately, for reasons I probably don’t need to get into, I think we can all agree that they’re getting more use than ever. I know I wear leggings more than I’d like to admit these days, whether it’s for my morning yoga, to work from home, for quick walks around my neighborhood, or just to hang out, and it’s made me realize that my collection could definitely use a little sprucing up.

Naturally, my next move was to turn to Amazon. After all, I can’t shop in stores to get a sense of what pieces are really like up-close, and sleuthing through Amazon’s review section is the next best thing. So sleuth I did, all so I could bring you (and myself) the best leggings the site has to offer, based on what real customers had to say. From cropped styles to longer cuts to countless pairs with pockets—a feature I’m learning is a game changer—just keep scrolling to shop all 24 of the highly reviewed and loved leggings that made the cut. 

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