The 15 Best Facial-Cleansing Brushes for a Deep Clean

To really reap the benefits of a facial-cleansing brush (and not wreck your skin while you’re at it), it’s important to stick to some guidelines. Because if you don’t use your brush properly, it can definitely cause you more trouble than good. The experts laid out some dos and don’ts for us below. And if you’re ready to shop for a brush, we’ve included some at the end of this article.

DO Follow Instructions: “To use a cleansing brush effectively, follow the instructions to avoid causing harm to the skin,” Aguilar says. “When using a manual brush, it’s important to choose a brush that has gentle bristles along with an appropriate facial cleanser and gently and thoroughly cleanse the face, neck, and décolleté. Take note to rinse or clean the brush and allow it to dry.”

DON’T Overuse: Using the brush too much can disrupt the skin’s pH, Aguilar says, which depletes the acid mantle causing redness, irritation, dryness, or increased oil production as the skin tries to repair itself.

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