The 14 Best Fenty Beauty Products, Hands Down

Full disclosure: There isn’t really a Fenty Beauty product I’ve tried that I don’t like. Obviously, that means this article was written with a certain level of bias—one I’ll happily admit to. Each product, whether it’s a lipstick or a foundation, works so well for every skin type and tone that you have to wonder how Rihanna and her team perform such wizardry. 

Seemingly, life is pretty good for Rihanna ATM—she just had her baby, and the brand can’t seem to stop things from flying off the shelves every day. Beauty lovers (and editors) are just obsessed, and it felt like the right time to finally round up a few of Fenty’s most beloved products and share it with the world. If you haven’t tried anything from the brand yet and are looking for a place to start, keep scrolling for some of my all-time favorites and the brand’s continual best sellers.

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