The 13 Best Travel-Size Perfumes, According to an Editor

When I packed up my Culver City apartment last November in order to move into my new place in Santa Monica, it became immediately clear that I had an obscenely large, completely unhinged perfume collection—58 if we want to chat specifics. I’m a Taurus through and through, so even though I stubbornly insisted on packing every last one and taking it to my new, much smaller apartment, upon arrival, I was deluged with regret. Suffice to say, I quickly abandoned my packrat ways and painstakingly downsized my perfume collection from 58 to 13. (However, I will say that I have about 20 additional bottles hiding out at my parents’  in Arizona, so I can’t act all that high and mighty.)

Of course, I only kept the perfumes that I wear most often and consider prized possessions, all of which are handily available in nibble-friendly travel sizes to boot. People frequently ask me about my fragrance collection or what my favorite scents of all time are, and if you keep reading, you’ll uncover the answers. And, since the majority are pretty steep investments if you spring for the full size, I led with their more affordable travel size alternatives. Keep scrolling, the 13 best travel size perfumes, according to me, are just ahead.

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