The 12 Best Curling Mascaras for Lashes That Won’t Fall Flat

If I could only wear one type of makeup product for the rest of my life, it would be mascara. It’s the first product I ever used, and it’s truly the one makeup item I’m most fanatical about. (I have a healthy collection of at least 50.)  

That said, it’s truly a trick to find a mascara that can successfully curl and lift my long, stick-straight lashes. I love and appreciate the natural length I was born with, but with that blessing comes the curse of profoundly droop-prone fringe. So although I also love mascaras touting length, volume, and definition, my main concern is always curl. And, unfortunately, most mascaras I’ve tried over the years (even before I was a beauty editor) fall disastrously flat. There is some serious strategy when it comes to developing the best curling mascaras, and while I’m not an expert in terms of chemistry, production, or design, I’ve noticed some consistent themes in brush design, consistency, and ingredients. (For instance, heavy, overly wet mascaras will simply never be your friend if you desire satisfying lift and curl from your wand.) 

Because I’m so passionate about finding, testing, and recommending the best curling mascaras in the beauty biz, I’ve compiled a list of foolproof options for anyone who’s ever been convinced their lashes are resistant to curl. Keep scrolling! Your ultimate lash-curling mascara soul mate is waiting for you just below, along with some of my favorite eye-enhancing products to pair with each. 

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