The 11 Best Flat Irons for Thick Hair

First things first, you’ll always want to use a good heat protectant to avoid excess damage to your hair. Your heat protectant should be made for your specific hair type. Many stylists generally love cream products over sprays because sprays require using a lot more product to completely coat the hair.

Those with curls should take a few extra precautions since they’re drier in nature and are more prone to damage or breakage. You’ll want to use a smoothing balm or hydrating cream with extra nourishing ingredients and invest in a flat iron with ceramic-coated plates to help minimize heat damage. Lopez chimes in with a little extra advice. “I’ll always recommend a heat protectant, but specifically with a flat iron, I love to use an aerosol heat protectant with hold,” he says. “Kenra’s Heat Block Spray is great because not only does it protect the hair, but it also doubles as a hair spray!” Those with thick hair might want to go for a balm or cream to make sure you coat all your hair, but once you do you’re in business. Keep scrolling for the best flat irons for thick hair.

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