The 10 Most Popular Designer Belts Of All Time

Certain designer pieces are simply destined for cult status, and that’s in large part due to their timeless though still awe-inspiring design. If you take a look at the most popular designer shoes that practically every in-the-know girl owns, you’ll see that is the case. They’re classic but still have a trend-forward appeal to them. The same can be said about the top-selling bags. Regardless of all the changing trends in the world of accessories, they continue to maintain a spot on the top-seller list thanks to their enduring design.

Sticking to the theme of most popular designer pieces, we decided to scour Instagram to track down the 10 designer belts every It girl wears—and not just one time. These styles have appeared on the hips of fashion girls everywhere season after season, which means they must be really good.

Ahead, see and shop the most coveted designer belts of all time, and shop them before they sell out.

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