The 10 Best Oils for Hair Growth, Hands Down

I didn’t get into hair oiling until recently, but once I did, there was no going back. When I first started doing it, my goal wasn’t necessarily to promote hair growth, but I found that it helps a lot with things like dryness and breakage. The great thing is though, that decreased dryness and breakage mean longer strands! So yeah, if you are looking for ways to grow your hair longer, there are a few different hair oils you can incorporate into your routine that help with that.

I do have to say that there aren’t many products on the market that actually stimulate growth. Rogaine is one of the few that does, but I know some of you like to go the organic route. Organic oils can at least help prevent breakage and provide vitamins and nutrients to the hair in order to help it stay healthy. Ayurvedic hair-oiling expert Meerika Khanna also told me that the best oils to use include alma, rosemary, bhringraj, jojoba, and sesame. They help keep your scalp healthy, promote growth over time, and reduce strand shedding. Luckily for us, retailers like Amazon are loaded with well-reviewed products and success stories that sound more than promising. For a few cult favorites and hidden gems, keep scrolling. We found the best oils to promote hair growth below.

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