The 10 Best Highly Pigmented Eye Shadow Brands

Davy says that if you’re using a liquid or cream long-wear eye shadow, you really don’t need to do much to make it last. In fact, she says that with a good long-wear formula, you shouldn’t even need a primer or a setting spray to make it stick. “If you’re using powder eye shadow, most definitely use an eye primer and keep applying layers of color until you’re happy with the color intensity,” Davy says. “Finish with a setting spray to give extra staying power and keep the look vibrant all day.”

If you’re using a powder eye shadow and it isn’t as pigmented as you’d like it to be, don’t worry—there’s an easy fix. “Use a long-wear liquid eye shadow in white as a base,” Davy says. “Pack this on along your lashline and then diffuse it outwards by blending up to your brow bone. By the time you’re blending on your brow bone, the white should be super sheer.” Just make sure the white fully dries down before you put any color on top, or you’ll end up with a pastel version of the color you’re putting on top.

Keep reading for the best highly pigmented eye shadows out there, including picks straight from the Euphoria makeup trailer. 

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