Student midwife reveals most annoying things dads do in the delivery room

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    Labour can vary from person to person, but one important part to the precious moment is having someone supportive on hand.

    However, that isn’t always the case, as a student midwife has revealed.

    Budding medical expert, Gemma Brusnahan, took to TikTok to share the most frustrating things dads do while their partners are in labour, which infuriate her.

    From questioning how long labour will take, to moaning about how tired the partners are, while their loved ones are giving birth, are some pet peeves to avoid.

    In the viral video, Gemma shared her disapproval when soon-to-be parents asking: “How much longer is this going to take?”

    Another no-go is when people “sit on their phone while mum is pushing” or when it becomes a little too much and they “fall asleep.”

    But leaving the ward, or labour room entirely, truly bothers the student midwife.

    Gemma captioned the post: “Dads please don’t.”

    The video has since garnered over 1 million views and been inundated with comments – with many women recalling their own experiences during labour.

    “A nap is OK but the asking how much longer is an automatic divorce lawyer call,” joked one.

    A second revealed: “My husband fainted while I was crowning…nurses did not seem impressed by that either.”

    The social media clip has since garnered over one million views, and many parents have shared their pet peeves and unforgettable experiences.

    One commented: “While my daughter was literally crowning, her dad asked if he was ‘right to go out for a smoke’ – I told him not to bother coming back in if he left.”

    A second TikTok user shared: “My partner fell asleep and I threw a shoe at him. My nurse laughed.”

    Some even revealed they would “break up” with their partner if they did any of the acts Gemma mentioned.

    A separate social media user added: “I would actually probably break up with my partner if they did that, that is the biggest form of disrespect.”

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