Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Trays System Review

As I mentioned earlier, my teeth don’t tend to be very sensitive to begin with, and I definitely wanted to keep it that way as I embarked on a teeth whitening journey. After my hour was up, I carefully removed the trays and brushed my teeth (with toothpaste this time), as per the instructions. From there, I rinsed and dried the trays, and applied the desensitizing gel, which came in a similar syringe as the whitening gel. I slipped the trays back on and left them for 15 minutes as a soothing remedy for my freshly-peroxided chompers. Finally, I removed the trays (no teeth-brushing this time) and was, at last, done with my session. I personally noticed a very slight amount of sensitivity, which is totally normal, and simply paid attention to how my teeth were feeling as I continued with the sessions. It’s always a better, safer idea to go slow rather than try to speed through the process.

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