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We need ALL of these now.

Let’s face it, the most exciting part of Easter shopping is, of course, the selection of the dream Easter Egg. And rest assured, 2022 is so far serving up some cracking (get it?) choices.

Are you shopping for a loved one? A child? A parent? A co-worker? Your boss? Or, like most of us, yourself? Well, whoever you’re buying for, we’ve sourced the finest selection of eggs that are bound to put a smile on anyone’s face.

So whether you’re looking for some super luxurious offerings (you know, the ones that wouldn’t look out of place in an art gallery) or something a little bit different (think hampers, iced biscuits and more), we’ve got you covered.

For any vegan chocolate lovers reading this, don’t fear, as we’ve also included our favourite vegan Easter eggs for you to shop, and they look rather delicious if you ask us.

If there’s a theme for this year’s Easter egg offering, it’s all things bright and beautiful: from intricate patterns to colourful chocolate (yes, really.) These Easter eggs are almost too good to eat. (Emphasis on the almost.)

Looking for an Easter gift that doesn’t involve chocolate? Don’t forget to check out our round ups of the best beauty Easter eggs, the best flower delivery services and the best luxury candles. These gifts make the perfect alternative to chocolate, and means you get to keep the Easter eggs all to yourself.

So, without further ado, keep on scrolling for our guide to the best Easter eggs to buy now. Warning: you might just want to be eating (or in close proximity to) a piece of chocolate while you’re looking through the following. You’re about to feel rather hungry.

Now sit back, have a browse and let your mouth water…

The best Easter eggs to buy now:

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