See What a Fashion Editor Packs for London and Paris

It’s been years since I traveled to Europe, so now that I’m heading to London and Paris in a few weeks, I’m going in with intense preparation. We’re always covering British and French fashion here at Who What Wear, so I’ve already done a little stalking of the fashion sets we always rely on to set the stage for what’s chic. Opposite of a tropical vacation, I’m sticking to simple basics with a touch of trends for this trip. You’ll still catch me in a few pops of color, but I’m laying the groundwork for my suitcase below.

It’s been my dream to visit Europe in the fall, so I’ve put a lot of thought into this packing list. I’m an avid traveler who’s never checked a bag, so you know I take my packing very seriously. I’ll plan (and document) my outfits ahead of time, organize my suitcase and personal bag to the brim, and use packing cubes—expect the whole nine yards. If you’re a planner like I am and want to see what clothing items are a top priority on my trip, keep scrolling. 

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