Sandra Bullock had a very unusual way of convincing Brad Pitt to appear in her new film

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  • A-listers are, of course, very well connected in Hollywood. But it seems that there’s a clever way of getting one of the most famous actors in the world to star in your film – as Sandra Bullock recently found out.

    The actress and producer, who is at the helm of the current box office hit The Lost City, recruited a roster of stars for the film – including Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe and celeb royalty Brad Pitt.

    During an interview on Australia’s The Project, Sandra revealed that she had a very unusual way of convincing the Oscar winner to star in her new movie. Instead of reaching out to Brad or his people, she simply asked his hairdresser because he ‘owed [her] a favour’.

    She said: ‘Janine Thompson, who has been doing my hair for centuries on films, does his hair. And he asked her to call me and ask me to do him a favour.

    ‘And I called her and said, “Since I said yes, can you get in his ear and ask him to do our film?” And he said yes! There is nothing sexy about it. Hair stylists hold all the power in Hollywood.’

    Apparently, Sandra was convinced by her hairdresser Janine to appear in Brad’s movie, Bullet Train, which lands in cinemas later this year. In exchange, he agreed to appear in her movie.

    She also went on to say that she had a strict policy when it came to who was allowed on set.

    Sandra explained: ‘I have a no a**hole policy. Because we didn’t want to say d**k and make it male and one sided. What’s the female equivalent? No vagina heads?

    ‘That doesn’t have the same energy. We had a very strict no a**hole policy, my producer and myself. We had a couple of them and we sent them home.’

    Well, that’s that!

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