Royal experts call Kate Middleton “wise” for not being like Princess Diana

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  • Kate Middleton is one of the most talked-about women in the world, with her fashion influence turning small businesses into sell-out brands and her hairstyle changes sparking trends of their own.

    And this past few years, we’ve only seen more of her, with the Duchess of Cambridge’s role elevated due to her popularity and professionalism.

    This is of course down to many things – her sweet demeanour, steely work ethic and dependable nature. But according to sources, it’s also down to a few wise decisions.

    Royal reporter Kevin Connolly opened up about the Duchess to, calling her wise for not trying to become Princess Diana, explaining that the bar was impossible high.

    “Diana set the bar impossibly high for anyone to be compared to her directly,” he explained. “I think the Duchess of Cambridge has very wisely decided and been very wisely guided towards establishing a very different type of public persona.”

    He continued: “There is no sense about Kate Middleton that she aspires to the headline making glamour of Diana – dancing with Wayne Sleep, dancing at the White House or wearing those extraordinary ball gowns that made global front pages.

    “The Duchess of Cambridge is clearly being shaped into a role and is herself shaping a role which is about being the consort to the future King, being the Queen, being the mother of the boy born to be king.

    “She has found a role which I think the British people are extremely attached to.”

    Well, that’s lovely.

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