Reviewed: Dossier Perfumes and Its 10 Best Fragrances

If you’ve been following Who What Wear Beauty for a while now, you already know we lean a tad fiendish when it comes to scent and the art of smelling good. Unfortunately for us and our wallets, however, the majority of our all-time favorite perfumes cost a pretty penny—sometimes upward of $200 and $300. Even though I don’t necessarily mind investing in high-quality scents that I love, affordable price points shouldn’t just be reserved for the cheap fares that we spritzed over our layered polos and tanks circa middle school.

And that’s exactly where Dossier comes in. It’s an affordable, alternative fragrance line that you might already be familiar with (thanks, TikTok) but prides itself on providing fragrance lovers with “premium-quality, ethical, affordable perfume for all.” And really, the brand is low-key serving us the best of all worlds when it comes to fragrance: transparency, craftsmanship (with every bottle, you’re receiving the highest-quality perfume sourced from Grasse, France), clean formulas (fragrances are vegan, eco-friendly, and 100% nontoxic and cruelty-free), sustainable and green (Dossier even gives returned bottles to charity), and anti-snob access that allows the masses to enjoy more affordable iterations of some of the most loved scents in the business. Brilliant, right?

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