LELO Sona review: “The sex toy really surprised me

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    If you’re into your sex toys or occasionally opt for a sex toy for couples during your foreplay, then you might have heard of the LELO Sona – a world-first clitoral suction toy that promises to help you reach orgasm without the frustrating build-up.

    LELO Sona sex toy pros:

    • Waterproof
    • Rechargeable
    • Skin safe silicone
    • Oral sex sensations
    • Luxury sex toy
    • Storage bag
    • Results in orgasm.

    LELO Sona sex toy cons: 

    • Nozzle too small
    • Hard to clean
    • Hard to position on clit.

    So, do the pros outweigh the cons and is it really worth the price tag?

    Clinical sexologist Ness Cooper has penned her own LELO Sona review, putting some of their most popular and highly-sold toys to the test for us. She has a background in sex and relationship coaching, therapy and education and has been reviewing sex toys for over ten years, including professionally as a prototype tester. It’s fair to say she knows what she’s talking about, then…

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    LELO Sona review: “The Sona surprised me – it’s one of the first sex toys to make me enjoy exploring patterned settings.”

    Special features and what sets it apart from competitors 

    When searching the Internet for the best sex toys, you’re often looking for more power and oomph to fuel your orgasm, right? You’ve likely been let down by a previous toy or are keen to branch out into a toy-enhanced masturbation session.

    Where mere vibrations have failed in the past, a new form of sex tech has started to surface that offers a rhythm and beat that wasn’t possible before. The LELO Sona is a clitoral sex toy that combines suction-like sensations and sonic vibrations to offer new sensations that standard vibrators lacked before.

    How to use the LELO Sona and how it was 

    Clitoral suction sex toys mimic the sensations of oral sex, but when testing the toy for this LELO Sona review, I found that you have more control over the intensity on offer, particularly with its inbuilt cruise-control feature. This means that no matter how firm I pressed the vibrator onto my body, or how tightly I gripped it between my thighs, it didn’t stop or lose power until I was fully satisfied. Then, I simply turned it off.

    Sometimes standard vibrators can cause me to feel numb or they don’t even hit the spot. With the LELO Sona I was hopeful that not only it’d hit the right spot and lead to a mind-blowing climax, but also allow me to explore multiple orgasms, due to how its sonic wave vibrations spread throughout the targeted sweet spot – rather than vibrators that focus too much in one place leading to desensitization. But more on that later.

    Lube is needed with the LELO Sona (read our guide to the best lubes, here) and I grabbed my favourite water-based lubricant and placed an ample amount into the mouth of the Sona’s nozzle. I quickly learned that if I switched on the vibrator before placing it against my body that it would turn into a loud lube fountain – not the type of gushing I want during intimate play. So making sure the sex toy is against the clitoris before turning it on, is best for an uninterrupted turn-on.

    The shape and size of the LELO Sona makes it perfect for placing between my labia. Unlike Satisifyer and Womanizer products that offer similar suction sex toy technology, the design of the Sona is more ergonomic and more comfortable to hold.

    Revving up the power and scrolling through the eight pleasure settings, I found the right one for me. The Sona surprised me as it’s one of the first sex toys to ever make me enjoy exploring the patterned settings. And shortly after being teased by the changes in intensity that felt beyond my control; I orgasmed intensely.

    There weren’t the normal sensations I traditionally felt with classic vibrators, and the sonic vibrations and suction didn’t give my body any of the warning signs I was used to when going through the stages of orgasm. It just turned up, like a surprise gift that didn’t disappoint.

    LELO Sona review: The sex toy on a bed

    The sex toy photographed by Ness, the reviewer, prior to testing.

    Even though I felt I could continue and reach my goal of multiple orgasms, I couldn’t follow through as my clitoris was too aroused and erect that the nozzle on the LELO Sona felt a bit too tight. Unlike when using the Womanizer or Satisifyer where the nozzles are more flexible and allow slightly more room for the clitoris during play; the Sona isn’t as accommodating.

    If the nozzle was a tad bigger, I could’ve easily enjoyed orgasm number two with it, and maybe three, four, five… more?!

    How to keep it maintained and clean

    When cleaning the LELO Sona (this is how to clean your sex toys, FYI), the nozzles small size made it difficult. Unlike other suction sex toys, the Sona’s nozzle isn’t removable, meaning it can be harder to clean within the tight vibrator’s chamber.

    That said, it is waterproof and, once washed with warm water and sex toy cleaner, it can be stored in the provided satin bag or put on charge ready for next time.

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    About the LELO brand

    A Swedish brand, LELO has been designing upmarket, luxury sex toys for every gender since 2003. Sold in over 50 international markets, fun fact: they hold the record for one of the most expensive vibrators available to buy in the world, a 24-karat gold plated vibrator that costs $15,000 USD, according to The New York Times. 

    Their Sona model isn’t quite as expensive but it is nearly as unique – as above, claiming to be the world’s first sonic clitoral simulator and promising to boast “sonic pulses of pleasure”, rather than traditional vibrations.

    Should I buy it?

    Bottom line? I found that the LELO Sona guarantees an orgasm every time I use it, and when I just want a non-fuss quickie climax, it won’t let me down.

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