Launching a start-up? Here’s how to set positive business goals

And, most importantly, how to make them happen

While many people see goals as restrictive – associating them with fad diets and New Year’s Resolutions that lasted all of 72 hours – they’re actually kind of crucial when it comes to being a business owner. 

Acting as an incentive to keep going when you reach them, and a reminder to persevere when you haven’t quite gotten there yet, it’s time we threw out the negative connotations of setting future goals and started drawing up a list of professional milestones that really matter.

Whether it’s hitting 10,000 followers on your business’ Instagram page or turning a profit for the first time, here’s how to set – and stick to – attainable business goals. 

Work out what your goals are

Well, duh, we hear you cry – but you’d be surprised how many people skip this step and make their goals up as they go. Figure out what goals can really help your business progress in the foreseeable future and avoid being vague. 

Whether it’s investing in yourself by upskilling in a certain area, or working towards enough growth that you can take on new staff, be specific about the achievements that you want your business to reach within a time frame that doesn’t overwhelm you. 

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Hold your nerve 

Don’t avoid setting necessary goals just because they feel difficult or scary, though. There’s plenty of support available to new entrepreneurs – it’s simply about knowing where to look.

Our advice? Head to GoDaddy for an A-Z on marketing your business. Websites are terrifying, newsletters are worse and how do you even create a business email that has your business’ name after the @? 

You’re in luck, because GoDaddy makes all of the above a breeze. With a team of experts on hand to help every step of the way, achieving the business goals you never thought possible will become just another day at the office with GoDaddy. 

Hold yourself accountable

No, really. It may be as simple as jotting down your weekly progress in a workflow tool like Trello. Or, if you really want to track progress towards your goals in granular detail, maintain a daily spreadsheet so you can assess what’s possibly holding you back at the end of every week. 

Oh, and don’t be afraid to make your goals known. Once they’re out in the world (even if it’s just your friends and family who you’ve briefed) you’re much more likely to make sure you meet them on time.

Don’t let milestones slip by unnoticed…

Celebrate them! Every achievement when you’re a small business owner is worth celebrating – because we know, and you know, that running your own business is much harder than just dreaming up a good idea. 

Whether it’s treating yourself to a lunch that doesn’t involve a supermarket sandwich (that you eat while working), or a celebratory post on your business’ social media, every landmark goal consists of lots of little ones along the way. 

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