Lady Gaga Relaunched Her Entire Makeup Brand—Here's My Honest Reaction

Lady Gaga’s makeup brand, Haus Laboratories, first launched in 2019 but has recently been given a major revamp, complete with new products, upgraded formulas, a new name—Haus Labs by Lady Gaga—and a new retail partner in Sephora. It may seem like a lot of changes just in the past few years, but they’re all incredibly meaningful, especially to Gaga. The new products represent a marriage between colorful makeup artistry and clean, “supercharged” formulas. These include unique ingredients such as the patent-pending Fermented Arnica, which may help with inflammation. This particular kind of arnica is 860% more powerful than the regular and is inspired by Gaga’s longtime use of the herb to treat her fibromyalgia. The new line has an overall focus on skin health as well as innovation and pretty pigments.

The assortment contains 90 different SKUs in seven product categories. Some of the products are the same ones as before, just with new, cleaner formulas—such as The Edge Precision Brow Pencil ($22), which is made with micronized pigments and nourishing vitamin E coco-glycerides. Then, there’s the Hy-Power Eye, Cheek & Lip Pigment Paint ($24), high-impact paints that can be used all over the face and come in 11 full-coverage mattes and nine shimmers, as well as the Power Sculpt Velvet Bronzer ($38) and Bio-Radiant Gel-Powder Highlighter ($40), which both contain Fermented Arnica. The PhD Hybrid Lip Oil ($24) contains vegan collagen and prickly pear oil and adjusts to your pH, giving a personalized color, and the new-and-improved Le Monster Lip Crayon ($22) comes in 13 shades and is made with mango-seed oil and ceramides.

As a fan of the original line, I have to say I was nervous about a revamp. I had used Haus Labs’ products almost every single day, specifically the Liquid Eye-Lie-Ner and the Le Monster lipstick, and I was sad to see that there wasn’t a liquid eyeliner in the assortment. But clean formulas are always a good thing, and I trust Lady Gaga to know what she’s doing!

I was excited about the Hy-Power Pigment Paint and instantly knew which shade I wanted to try—Mint Matte. Gaga has been wearing this particular shade a lot lately, and it caught my eye. That bright mint looked like a dream, and I’m happy to report it looks just as good on my lids. It’s highly pigmented and goes on super smooth. I made the mistake of trying to apply it with my fingers, which is probably okay if you’re doing more of a subtle, blended-out look, but I was trying to go for big and bold like Gaga. My fingers got too messy, and it was difficult to get a precise application. So I had to do a second attempt, opting to instead use a firm eye shadow brush and an angled eye brush to apply the paint and draw a cat eye. That worked perfectly. I also wonder if the formula might work better with different packaging, like a built-in brush instead of the paint tube. 

Bronzer is something I haven’t used that often in the past, but I am trying to incorporate it into my makeup routine more regularly. The Power Sculpt Velvet Bronzer felt buttery and soft, making it easy to blend out and build on. Even a bronzer newbie like me could easily add some dimension to their face. 

While I didn’t end up using the Optic Intensity Eco Eyeliner for this look, I did like that it comes with a built-in brush and found that it was pretty resistant to transfer. It has serious staying power. You have to move fast when applying it, so that’s something I’ll have to practice more.

I filled in my brows with the Edge Precision Eyebrow Pencil in Brown Black, and I liked how I was able to draw precise hairs without worrying about the pencil breaking, which is something that happens with other micro-precision brow pencils I’ve used.

Next was the Le Monster Lip Crayon, which, as I mentioned earlier, has been one of my regular go-to lipsticks. Since I was going for a bold eye, I used a more muted shade, Melon Matte. I was happy to see that it had that same smooth application and gorgeously rich pigment that I loved in its original. However, one of the biggest surprises for me was how much I ended up loving the lip oil. I’m a matte-lipstick girl, so anytime there’s a lip product that I find myself reaching for that’s not one of those, it really means something! The PhD Hybrid Lip Oil in Sheer Berry made my lips look juicy and glossy without being greasy or feeling heavy. 

I’m pretty happy with the Haus Labs by Lady Gaga makeover. The only thing I’m missing is the liquid eyeliner (I’m still using my old one), but I’m hoping it comes back. I’m excited to see what’s next since the brand is supposed to launch even more products in three new categories this fall! Anyone who loved the original line should definitely give this one a go, especially those cool pigment paints. If you haven’t tried Gaga’s makeup brand, now is the perfect time to do so. 

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