JLo’s Green Diamond Ring Cost

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  • ICYMI Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got engaged this weekend, sending searches for ‘JLo engagement ring’ soaring on Google. At first glance, the ring isn’t too far in style to the pink diamond Ben gave Jennifer in 2004.

    Both rings feature a central coloured diamond, flanked by clear diamonds in a timeless trinity style, however there are some differences. It’s thought Ben chose the colour as his future bride previously wrote about her love of green in a newsletter.

    ‘I always say the colour green is my lucky colour. I’ve realized there are many moments in my life where amazing things happened when I was wearing green,’ she wrote. She also referenced the green Versace dress which was the whole reason Google Images was born.

    What kind of stone is JLo’s engagement ring?

    JLo’s engagement ring was sourced and designed by Ilan Portugali, Tamara Rahaminov and Nicol Goldfiner of Rahaminov Diamonds. It features a central 8.5 ct. natural green diamond stone, one of the rarest and therefore most expensive in the world. It is flanked by two trapezoid diamonds, and set on a platinum band.

    Eddi Norris, Director & Design Consultant at Queensmith, explains that verdant tones are obtained  through exposure to radiation. ‘JLo’s diamond was formed close to uranium rocks within the Earth’s surface,’ he said.

    J Lo engagement ring cost

    Given their rarity, it’s impossible to put a price on JLo’s ring, but it’s been estimated by jewellers to be worth between £3 and £7m, making it over double the price of the original pink diamond ring.

    Green diamond ring

    Should you wish to emulate JLo’s style but don’t quite have the several mill budget, don’t worry. I’ve found some great alternatives below.

    KIKI MCDONOUGH Kiki Classics 18ct Yellow Gold, Green Amethyst Mini Ripple Ring – £1,200 at Goldsmiths
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    Green Sapphire 7 x 5mm And Diamond 9K Yellow Gold Ring – £579 at The Diamond Store
    The sapphire is a beautiful, sparkling and durable gem, ideal for daily wear, making it ideal for engagement rings. Contrary to popular belief, sapphires are not only available in blue colour.

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    KIKI MCDONOUGH Kiki Cushion 18ct Yellow Gold, Tapered Diamond Shoulders & Green Amethyst Ring – £1,800 at Goldsmiths
    Designer Kiki, a favourite of Kate Middleton’s, is known for her love of coloured stones.

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    JLo old engagement ring

    We don’t really know what happened to that infamous pink diamond ring, however Jennifer Lopez’s publicist told Stylecaster in 2021 that he believes she may still have it.

    ‘As far as I know, Jen has never returned the ring. So, if things move forward with these two, gosh, she’s already got the most beautiful ring I’ve seen. It’s absolutely stunning. I was with her once, and it is blinding. I almost thought—forgive me, Jen—it almost was QVC-ish, ’cause it was so large! I didn’t think it was real! She said, “Don’t touch it, it’s a real ring.”‘

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