I’m a Beauty Editor—9 Items to Retire and 9 to Try Instead

Staying in the hair vein… I have ridiculously blonde hair and have been bleaching it for years. And to be honest, it’s entirely insane that my hair is as long, thick, and healthy as it is considering. Logically, speaking, it has no business still being on my head! Of course, I’m diligent about my upkeep, my colorist always prioritizes the integrity of my hair, I give my strands lots of TLC, and I mind my diet and supplement MO. All of that is good and dandy, but I swear the biggest ingredient in my healthy hair secret sauce is air-drying my hair in lieu of heat styling whenever possible. As someone who used to heat daily and then barely ever once the pandemic hit, I noticed a serious uptick in the way my hair looked, felt, and behaved very quickly. Now, whenever my friends are worried about hair loss or any other strand-related woes, I tell them to air-dry more and heat style less instead of throwing their money at supplements and other *sometimes gimmicky* solutions. Even if you just pick one of two evils—like skipping the blow dryer but using your hair wand once your strands have dried naturally or vice versa—I swear you’ll be better off. 

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