How to Untangle Necklaces With 3 Simple Hacks

If you wear necklaces—and especially if you layer them, as so many of us do—ending up with tangled chains at some point is practically a given. Whether they’re tucked away in your handbag for travel, resting atop your vanity, or simply hanging around your neck, chain necklaces have a way of getting into a tangled mess that can be a nuisance to deal with.

After one particularly frustrating knotted-necklace fiasco, we decided it’s time to explore a few solutions. Below we’ve outlined our top three tricks for how to untangle necklaces, so you never have to let an intertwined jumble of chains keep you from wearing your favorite pieces. The hacks are quick, easy, and rely on common household items you likely already have lying around. So don’t let any more tangled necklaces slow down your day—follow the below tricks and get on your way.

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