How to Fix Flaking Mascara Once and for All

5. Try a Lash Primer: René recommends adding a lash primer, which can condition your lashes and create a longer-lasting lash lift with volume. Apply a coat, allow it to dry completely, and add mascara.

6. Don’t Pump the Wand Too Much: “When applying mascara, it’s easy to get carried away. We’re all guilty of overpumping our wands into the tube in search of more product,” René says. “However, keep in mind that method might actually be working against you. In doing so you’re also pushing more air into the tube, which will prematurely dry the product out.”

7. Don’t Apply Too Many Coats: “I recommend only applying two to three coats,” Loiz says. “If you’re pressed for time, at least let the lashes become semi-dry (sticky) before applying the next coat and also then only applying two coats.”

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